Can't copy & paste my element

I'm modeling a character.
When I want to copy and reflect my character's eye,I can't copy the finished eye.
I don't know why
even other element doesn't be copied ,too.
Does anyone have same problem?

version: MAC 3.0.01
computer:MACBOOK PRO
system:Sierra 10.12.1


  • @o500123456789

    Please select multiple objects.

  • It's still can't be copied and pasted.
    I tried this many time!
    one object , many objects, 曲面
    I still can't duplicate them.

    I also tried this in cubism v2(win), and I can duplicate them.

    the trial version of Cubism3 in windows have trouble to open! so this version I didn't try that

    Mac version have another problem that when i select object in"Parts"window, it's really lag. like app crash.
    could you fix that?
  • Hi @o500123456789

    In this version of Cubism, the copy shortcut ONLY work when you select object on Canvas.
    If you select object via Parts palette or Deformer palette you need to use menu command for copy [edit>copy] and paste using shortcut

    In your case, if you want to copy complete eye with deformer,
    you need to select the parent / child deformer plus the eye ArtMesh manually on deformer palette, then go to Edit-> Copy.
    after that you can use shortcut ctrl+v to paste it.
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