A problem with model’s eyelids that might be related to the SDK for Android(Java) 2.0.06.

I had a problem with model’s eyelids.
Please refer to screenshots.

You can see the eyelids are transparent.
I use the SDK for Android(Java) 2.0.06.

But there is no problem with these models in Live2D Viewer or OpenGL AndroidNDK 2.1.

So I think that the problem may be caused by the SDK for Android(Java) 2.0.06.
Is there any way to solve this problem? Please let me know, Thanks so much. :)


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    原因は クリッピング です SDK2.0ではクリッピングは未対応 

    The cause is clipping. Clipping is not supported in SDK 2.0
    So it is good to create with eyelid use method.
  • Thanks for your reply.

    The current situation is that models can't be modified.
    Although OpenGL AndroidNDK 2.1 can be used to solve this problem, but the difference between C++ and Java is too big. :'(

    I found that most of the SDKs had been upgraded to 2.1.
    But the latest version of Android(Java) SDK was released in 2016.
    Will the Android(Java) SDK 2.0 be upgraded in the future? :)
  • Hi,

    I'm afraid to write this but now we have no plan to upgrade Cubism 2 SDKs unless fatal error is found. How would you like to use Unity SDK because it can export the datas to Android?

  • I will try to use Unity SDK, thank you. :)
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