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・Cubism Editor 4.0.07 beta 以前のバージョン
上記バージョンでは正常に動作できない可能性がありますので、OSのアップグレードをお控えいただくか、【Cubism Editor 4.0.07 正式版】をご利用いただきますようお願いいたします。
Cubism SDKにつきましては、現在公開中の製品全てにおいてmacOS 11.0 Big Surには対応しておりません。

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Manipulating multiple avatars with SDK4

We're using SDK2 and considering of SDK4.

We need to manipulate multiple avatars on one browser tab and we can do it with Live2D SDK2.

However, there is no document of showing multiple avatars with SDK4 so we're wondering whether or not we can do it with SDK4 as well and the way to do it.

Thanks in advance.


  • 編集済: 7月 2020
    Hello @izmeal ,

    You can way to achieve view of multiple avatars(Cubism model) can be achieved by handling multiple simultaneous class instances that extend the CubismUserModel class in SDK4.
    In the case of Samples, the LAppModel is the equivalent.

    Samples implements the process of switching the display avatar by pressing a gear button.
    This is done by using LoadAssets() to load the avatar data for models one by one and set the renderer and texture.
    This process is instantiated for the number of avatars you want to display, and by changing it to a process that loads each avatar and executes the settings used to display each avatar at once, you can display multiple avatars.
    It depends on the expected specification, but you can also prepare multiple variables to manage LAppModel.

    In addiction, Samples of Cubism 4 SDK for Native does not support multiple avatars display position or eye tracking.
    You will need to customize this part as well.