現在、Cubism EditorはApple M1チップ搭載機種には対応しておりません。
詳細は 動作環境 をご参照ください。
また、Cubism SDKは現在公開中の製品全てにおいてApple M1チップ搭載機種及びmacOS 11.0 Big Surには対応しておりません。
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A problem with model’s eyelids that might be related to the SDK for Android(Java) 2.0.06.

I had a problem with model’s eyelids.
Please refer to screenshots.

You can see the eyelids are transparent.
I use the SDK for Android(Java) 2.0.06.

But there is no problem with these models in Live2D Viewer or OpenGL AndroidNDK 2.1.

So I think that the problem may be caused by the SDK for Android(Java) 2.0.06.
Is there any way to solve this problem? Please let me know, Thanks so much. :)