現在、Cubism EditorはApple M1チップ搭載機種には対応しておりません。
詳細は 動作環境 をご参照ください。
また、Cubism SDKは現在公開中の製品全てにおいてApple M1チップ搭載機種及びmacOS 11.0 Big Surには対応しておりません。
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Question about License Agreement and creating projects based on CubismNativeSamples


I have started a hobby project by copying (and modifying) the sample application code from the Live2D GItHub repository. The aim of this project is to detect facial expressions using a webcam and displaying it using the Live2D SDK, a bit similar (but not as feature-rich) as FaceRig, and any user would be able to feed in their own custom model files to be used.

I have read your license agreements and other relevant pages, but I am still not sure whether I am allowed to share my project online. Basically, what I want to do is to fork the CubismNativeSamples repo (and maybe change the name), edit some of the files in the Sample code to interface with some additional code that I've written, and push my changes onto my fork on GitHub. I do not intend to make any money or commercial product from this, and I will not provide any downloadable executables or binaries, and anyone who clones my repo will still need to download the Core and Framework separately from Live2D directly. I will of course also credit Live2D as the original author, and will also make it clear that this is a personal project not endorsed by Live2D.

So a few points that I'm not sure about and would like to have some confirmation:
- Does this count as "releasing content using the SDK"? In other words, would I need the SDK Release License (Publication License Agreement)?
- Or does this count as an "Expandable Application"? I've read the release license page many times but I honestly still don't understand what it means.
- Referring to the Live2D Open Software License Agreement, would my project count as "the Software (including amendments)" as per section 2.2.3, or does it count as "Derivative Works" under section 2.3? The legal language is very confusing for a non-legally trained person like me.

So in short, am I allowed to put my project on GitHub? Or yes but I need to obtain a publication license first? Or not?